Float-Zone Silicon Wafer

Float-Zone Silicon Wafer

Product Description

FZ High-purity single crystals processed into different types of wafers according to customer requirements.

Product Usage

Float-Zone silicon wafers are divided into float-Zone lapped wafers, etched wafers and polished wafers.

The float-Zone lapped wafers are mainly used in semiconductor devices such as medium and low-end thyristors, silicon controlled rectifiers, and high voltage silicon stacks.

The float-Zone etched wafers are mainly used on high power semiconductor devices such as DC high-power thyristors and rectifier tubes.

The float-Zone polished wafers are mainly used in the photoelectric field, including optoelectronic diodes, photoelectric coupling circuits, and light-sensitive apparatuses. They are also used in power semiconductors, such as discrete semiconductor devices including IGBT and TVS.