Analysis and Detection

The company has established an analysis and test laboratory and possesses a strong technical power,a professional talent team, advanced and complete equipment, and an improved quality management system. These factors provide the company with comprehensive, high-quality and efficient testing services both internally and externally. 

There are more than 60 sets of semiconductor material detection equipment in the laboratory,including four-probe resistivity testers, FTIR oxygen-carbon content testers, X-ray direction-finders, surface optoelectronic voltage testers, high-frequency photoconduction testers, total reflection fluorescence spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers, and laser particle testers. The detection range covers crystal defects, crystal structures, chemical components, electrical performance, geometric accuracy, and the majority of important semiconductor material parameters.

The laboratory provides testing and standard sample preparation services for domestic enterprises and research institutes, and provides nearly one hundred detection services every year.